Cattle graze with the blue ridge in the background

The Virts family cattle operates from their Waterford farm and currently consists of approximately 100 head of bred & owned mama cows grazing on about 300 acres of pasture.  We maintain a commercial Angus cross herd and use registered Angus bulls.  All of the cattle on our farm are raised in the most humane and gentle manner possible which is rewarding to both the cattle and the farmer. We are able to retain most heifers as replacement cows and they will happily come up to us in the field and eat grain out of a bucket.  The cattle that are destined for slaughter are kept in large spacious pens and fed a ration of field corn silage mixed with fruit for added protein. Once at the Select grade stage, ground corn is added to the cattle feed mix for flavor and additional marbling. Additional marbling is needed for the animal to be graded Choice.  We take pride in caring for our herd while offering a quality product to the public.  We do not use antibiotics or growth hormones  on our herd.


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